Welcome to Creating Your Joy Within!

Welcome!  This site is dedicated to every person that has chosen to be a joyous, proactive agent of change and growth in his/her own life.  Since you are ultimately the source from which your own experience evolves, the more conscious and mindfully intent you are about yourself, the more successful you will inevitably be in creating and joyously manifesting your heart’s fondest dreams and life goals.  Would you choose now to bring more joy into your life?  Would you like the opportunity to fully rediscover the absolute miracle of who you already are, waiting within you right now?  You’ve come to the right place!  I am Sharon Wilson and it would be my honor to assist you in resolving your life challenges, so that you may then move toward creating new levels of joy that, previously, you may have thought impossible in your life.


The good news is that you are, and always have been, the source and creator of your own experiences in life.  It is human nature to severely judge the events in our lives that we felt were tragic, painful or unnecessary.  Yet, given time, wisdom shows us that each of those life events offered us phenomenal information about ourselves and All That Is Life, ever present around us.  Though we may not have consciously chosen this life experience, if we use it as a tool to grow and evolve, it becomes an amazing, priceless gift.  Right now, within you, you have all the tools and information you would ever need to create the joy-filled life of your dreams.  It is my intent to assist you in locating and fully utilizing the information and life answers you now have, buried in your subconscious or spiritual self, so that you may find peaceful resolution, self evolution and a deeper respect, joy and genuine loving for being, simply and profoundly, You.


May it be that we find the joy and fulfillment we each uniquely seek, in effortlessness, in loving abundance and in harmony with All That Has Life.



Joy is the language of the soul, telling the body to pay attention to whatever is showing up in life that is bringing that joy.  Since our souls have difficulty in communicating with us in words, the preferred dialog is so often spoken in emotions.  The soul will send you the feeling of joy, almost like a line of bread crumbs, leading you toward a virtual feast of even greater joy at your destination. What brings you joy?


"Feeling is the language of the soul...the Highest Thought is always that thought which contains joy."

                    from Conversations with God, book 1, Neale Donald Walsh